Very Simple Way to build Niche Mini Sites.

November 10, 2007 · Print This Article

I’m always on the look out for ways to create mini sites that I can pop online add a few affiliate links and forget about them.

Set it and forget it.

I’ve tried many different scripts and programs and most were time consuming to install and customizing them were a bitch.

But for the last couple days I’ve been testing out a new script. It’s called Build a Niche Store or BANS for short. I must admit that I was skeptical at first but after testing it out, I’m very impressed.

With BANS I can upload, install, configure, and customize a site in no time at all. This frees my time for more important projects.

For anyone looking for a simple way to get a site online to make some money, Build a Niche Store is for you. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

Don’t believe me? 10 Great Reasons To Buy BANS!

Build a Niche Store

#1. It�s A Proven Money Making Concept

BANS has been selling for over a year now and in that time there have been many success stories reported across the web where people ARE making an additional income stream from the eBay affiliate � BANS combination. Why spend your money and time on a money making project that has not been proven?

#2. It�s Incredibly Under-Priced

For the one time fee of $97 you get the BANS website builder software, the BANS user manual, an unlimited domain license, 9 professional and easily customizable template layouts, access to the BANS member area and free updates for life. As a complete package it is easily worth $297 but is available today for less than a third of that price.

#3. The eBay Affiliate Opportunity Is Huge

It�s only now that the eBay affiliate opportunity is beginning to be properly explored by the mainstream make money online community and it will be many years before it has been properly understood and exploited. No other affiliate opportunity combines the width of product inventory, such an established brand name and a high affiliate commission structure like eBay does. With BANS this opportunity is now completely open to you.

#4. BANS Builds Real Search Engine Friendly Websites

Many website building software applications build sub-standard websites which border on being search engine spam but with BANS you have the ability to build a website that is as professional looking, as content rich and as search engine friendly as any other website building platform with the added benefit of having a built in means of making money from your site visitors � the eBay listed products.

#5. BANS Gives You A Straight Line

The biggest problem an aspiring internet marketer faces is information overload which forces you into committing to too many projects / ideas at once. You end up trying to move in different directions simultaneously when you will see much better returns if you pick one path and commit to it. The eBay affiliate opportunity is large enough and profitable enough to warrant your focus (we have been making money from it for several years) and with BANS you have a system that you can commit to, master and profit from for years to come.

#6. BANS Teaches You More About Succeeding Online

Whilst building, developing and marketing your own BANS stores you will learn and develop many skills that are transferable into other online money making ventures you may decide to pursue. With what other program can you learn things like: installing scripts, creating professional and attractive websites, understanding niches, carrying out keyword research and SEO, establishing effective marketing channels, converting site visitors into buyers� As you dig into BANS and the eBay affiliate opportunity these are all the things that you will be doing and once learnt these skills (which can�t be bought) are yours to apply to anything else you commit to online.

#7. The �Niche Store� Concept Is Still Evolving

Despite our involvement with the eBay affiliate program for several years we are still very much learning how to best tap into it. As we come up with new ideas we combine these with the feedback and feature requests we get from BANS members and we then add these extra capabilities to BANS. You are reading this at a time when BANS is very much at its early stages and there will be many new things to come all of which you receive for free as a BANS member.

#8. You Can Build As Large A Website Portfolio As You Like

While many scripts and software applications limit you to using them once per fee that you pay, BANS breaks the mould and enables you to target as many niche markets with as many niche stores as you want to operate in. We want BANS to work for you and rather than charging $97 per site that you build you pay one fee and can build as large a portfolio as you like. Many BANS users have growing networks of stores and it is the unlimited license that you receive with BANS which reduces your development costs to an absolute minimum.

#9. The Support Structure Is Second To None

We pride ourselves on having a support structure that many of our customers often comment on. Countless hours have been invested into the BANS member forum by ourselves and committed users so that regardless of your website building / affiliate marketing experience there is a place you can go to get the help and advice you need. Many of our customers have stated that the forum access alone is worth the one time fee. It contains over 25,000 posts and covers everything from troubleshooting to choosing a niche, feedback on your store to traffic generation techniques.

#10. It�s Addicting And Fun To Use :)

This is another thing we pride ourselves on � having created a product that not only works exactly as advertised but is also addictive and fun to use. BANS has been built to be as user friendly as possible and the features of the software combined with the width of the eBay product inventory gives you literally millions of options in terms of which niches you choose to target and how you develop your stores. We�ve been involved with countless money making projects. Some we�ve enjoyed, some we haven�t � if you can�t enjoy building an income you�ll find it very difficult to stick with it and BANS makes building niche websites as enjoyable as it can be.

See what I mean… Just awesome. Check out Build a Niche Store today.



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  1. Mike Ralph on May 12th, 2008 5:07 am

    Must admit I was a little late myself getting with the BAN concept but I sure as hell am glad that I did, it really is no effort to set up this script on any domain and start to monetise it.

    Sites I had that struggled to make anything are now ticking over very nicely and with a little more traffic work will return well, I also agree that the asking price is to low (but who are we to complain :o) )

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